About me

I am a hobby photographer. I have two Canons - my little awesome G9 and my EOS500D.
I shoot daily when I do my walk_abouts.

Sometimes I like what I see - then I shoot.
Sometimes I don't like what I see - then I shoot too.

I will reflect upon the subject and give my thoughts here. When I was younger I remember I thought about graffiti-like paintings on grey walls looked better than the plain grey wall. Now I will consider more perspectives and have the ambition to find as many views as I can. I want to know more - I look for research about this kind of street actions.

2010-09-03. Today I have interviewed the political parties in Lund. I wanted to get their oppinion about scribble and graffiti. This was very interesting. Most interesting thoughts and engagement I found when talking to (mp) and (c) .. and (m). Least with (v). Most helpful was (s) to give an interview in the mobile.
Sorry I didn't talk to (fp) and (kd).
Today I also got an email from the library about books they had found about graffiti/scribble.

2010-09-30. Seminarium om KLOTTER i Lund. Mycket intressant erfarenhetsutbyte BRÅ - Räddningskåren - Fastighetsbolag - Polisen - Kommunen ... Se länkar under Tips!